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Variable Annuities

Variable annuities offer investors the powerful advantage of tax deferral and a guaranteed death benefit* to help supplement their retirement savings plan. According to the Social Security Administration (2015), personal investments, savings, and earnings will generate 67% of your retirement income. With Social Security only generating 33%, your quality of life in your golden years will depend on how well you save for retirement.

For an additional cost, today’s variable annuities typically offer Living Benefits* that can guarantee a lifetime income stream as well as the return of your initial investment (adjusted for withdrawals). 

While qualified retirement plans (401(k), 403(b), etc) typically offer participants the best savings vehicle for retirement, each have annual contribution limitations. IRAs and Roth IRAs carry contribution limitations as well. However, tax-deferred variable annuities, though contributions are not tax-deductible, have virtually no contribution limits and assets grow completely tax-deferred until withdrawn. Mutual fund-type investment options, called sub-accounts, are available from some of the world’s best managers.

The bottom-line: assets growing tax-deferred will grow faster than those in taxable accounts earning the same rate of return.

Nelson Securities, Inc. is registered for annuity business in the majority of states across the country and offers extensive variable annuity services that take advantage of our investment advisory research. 

We provide our annuity account holders with the following unique services:

  • Free Consultation - Each investor receives consultation with one of our Financial Professionals on the benefits and suitability of investing in a variable annuity. Our Financial Professionals will also be able to assist you with other financial products to help meet all of your investment needs.
  • Model Portfolio Allocations for different risk objectives are updated as market conditions change and can be accessed on our website under Resource Center/Model Portfolio Allocations
  • Free subscription to the Annuity Advisor - A quarterly newsletter providing Model Portfolio Allocations for all variable annuities offered through NSI, updating investors on the financial markets, and investment related articles.
  • 1035 Exchange - NSI can help you execute a 1035 exchange, replacing your existing variable annuity contract and/or life insurance policy cash values, if you are unsatisfied with your investment advisor and performance, without tax consequences with a new annuity contract/insurance policy that may better meet your needs and objectives. Surrender charges may apply.

Not FDIC/NCUA Insured, No Bank Guarantee, Not a Deposit of or Guaranteed by any Bank or Bank Affiliate, May Lose Value, Surrender Charges May Apply

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the variable annuity contract before investing. To obtain a prospectus containing more information call Nelson Securities, Inc. at 1-800-345-7593.

*Subject to the claims paying ability of the insurance company

Licensed in Most States**

**Not all products offered are available for all states in which we are licensed

If you are interested in being contacted by Nelson Securities, Inc. regarding Variable Annuities, please contact one of our Financial Professionals at 1-800-345-7593, Email Us or Ask a Question. Please specify Variable Annuities.