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Schwab - TD Ameritrade Post-Merger Update

The long awaited Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade merger was completed over Labor Day Weekend and went live September 5, 2023! It was a pretty smooth and seamless process, as anticipated, and we are excited about the merger and full integration of TD Ameritrade Institutional into Charles Schwab. As a Fiduciary, the Schwab-TDA merger meets our custody service standards to help support our Managed and Advisory Account clients' investment goals and safeguard assets through things like SIPC account protection and FDIC insurance.

Most importantly, we continue to be your Registered Investment Advisor and manage your account(s) as usual.

We worked with the Schwab-TDA transition team over the past 12 months to prepare for the integration and help make it as seamless as possible for all our valued Managed and Advisory Account clients. We appreciate your patience along the way. Among a number of merger benefits, we are able to eliminate annual custodial fees and lower overall internal investment expenses as we have completed our transition to 100% ETFs (exchange-traded funds) in our WAM Managed Account program. Now both WAM and eSAM Managed Account programs are 100% ETFs. 

Charles Schwab has created the helpful website below that our clients can learn more about the completed merger:

Welcome to Schwab - Client Learning Center

Frequently Asked Questions - NEW

  • You will receive two statements following the transition: one for your TD Ameritrade Institutional
    account (typically showing a zero-dollar balance and no positions) and one for your new Schwab
    account ending September, 2023.

Schwab Alliance

Regardless, if you receive paper or electronic statements, we recommend all of our Managed Account Clients set up Schwab Alliance. It is quick and easy to do. Having your email address on file at Charles Schwab, you will be able to complete eAuthorization for better and quicker service from Charles Schwab on your investment account(s). This is especially helpful for RMD withdrawals, Tax Withholding preference changes, auto-invest and/or systematic distribution changes, and other common transactions. 

Additionally, Schwab Alliance allows you to securely view your Schwab account(s) online and also on the Schwab Mobile app.

Many of our Managed and Advisory Account clients had TD Ameritrade's Advisor Client for years. If you already set up Schwab Alliance prior to the merger you are good to go!

Get Started Today: Schwab Alliance Login Page 

  • Click on the New user? link
  • Follow the instructions to set up your Schwab Alliance after clicking on the green Start button.
  • Once completed, you can download the Schwab Mobile app on your phone and use the same userID and password.
  • Or your Nelson Advisor can send you a link by email

To Complete your Schwab Alliance Access, you will need:

  • Your Schwab account # (call your Nelson Advisor if you don't have it)
  • DOB
  • Phone number (cell)
  • Social Security Number

It’s pretty easy but please call/email your Nelson Advisor with any questions! If you have Move Money (MoneyLink) on your Schwab account(s) and prefer not to sign up for Schwab Alliance, you will need your email address on file with Schwab to give eAuthorizations via email. Only Clients can give Schwab your email address and the number for the Schwab Alliance Team is 800-515-2157

  • You will be prompted to key in your Schwab Account #, Login ID # or Social Security # to get started.

You can also provide verbal Authorization on Move Money transactions by calling Schwab Alliance at 800-515-2157 

  • You will be prompted to key in your Schwab Account #, Login ID # or Social Security # to get started.

For security purposes, Schwab will NEVER text you anything. If you receive a text from "Schwab" is a scam and delete it immediately.  

More Information on Schwab Alliance

Nelson Securities and your NSI Advisor Representative will be here to answer questions along the way and help make the transition to Charles Schwab as easy and seamless as possible.