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Past Performance is No Guarantee for Future Results

Notes (Jan-24) : Conservative, Moderate, and Moderate-Aggressive Models Updated 

PIMCO Investment Grade Corporate Bond renamed Investment Grade Credit Bond, Unconstrained Bond renamed Dynamic Bond and Foreign Bond renamed International Bond.

 *International Bond U.S. dollar un-hedged can sub

As of 4-11-11, shareholders are no longer be able to exchange shares between Allianz and PIMCO funds.  As of November 1, 2009 PIMCO no longer offers Class B shares.  Class A shares at the appropriate sales charge will be the default share class for new purchases including auto-invest plans. C-Class Shares are available as an alternative. Ask your Rep to help determine which  is best for you. ***You can not exchange B shares for A shares; keep this in mind when reallocating. Ask your Nelson Rep for assistance.***

Bench: Low Duration to bench, Commodity RealReturn Strategy, Floating Income. Class A shares have a Maximum Offering Purchase Charge of 5.50% for stock funds, 3.75% for PIMCO All Asset and Global Multi-Asset, 3.75% for fixed income funds (2.25% MOP for PIMCO Low Duration).  See prospectus/ summary prospectus for additional details.  ++Reflects Maximum Sales Charge

Source: PIMCO Funds/ Morningstar. Performance data current to the most recent month ended can be obtained by calling the toll-free number above or at

Investor Note:  Mutual fund investment strategies, which include investing in specific sectors, foreign securities (both developed and developing markets), high yield securities, or small- and medium-sized securities may increase the risk and volatility of the funds. Changes in interest rates may affect the performance of fixed income (bond) funds. The value of bonds has an inverse relationship with changes in interest rates; if rates increase, bond values decrease and vice versa. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the mutual fund carefully before investing.

The prospectus/summary prospectus contains this and other information. A prospectus/summary prospectus can be obtained by calling your Nelson Rep at 800-345-7593 or the toll-free number listed above.