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Past Performance is No Guarantee for Future Results

Notes (Jan-24) : Conservative, Moderate, and Moderate-Aggressive Models Updated 

Effective 3-31-10, Class B shares are no longer be available for purchase (exchanges between B share funds are allowed). Class A shares at the appropriate sales charge are the default share class  for new purchases including auto-invest plans. C-Class Shares are available as an alternative. Ask your Rep to help determine which share class is best for your situation. Bench: Mid-Cap Value (closed), Small-Cap Blend (closed), Small-Cap Value (closed), Global Equity, World Growth & Income Strategy, Convertible.

Returns Source: Morningstar/Lord Abbett Funds, Not All Returns Reflect Maximum Sales Charge. Class A shares have a Maximum Offering Purchase Charge of 5.75% for stock and balanced funds, 4.75% for taxable fixed income funds and 3.25% for municipal fixed income funds. See prospectus/ summary prospectus for additional details.  Class B shares have a maximum Contingent Deferred Sales Charge of 5%, declining to 0% after 6 years. ++Reflects Maximum Sales Charge. Class B shares convert to Class A shares after eight years.

Performance data current to the most recent month-end can be obtained by calling the toll-free number above or at