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Notes (Jan-24) : Conservative, Moderate, and Moderate-Aggressive Models Updated

Venture with PPFL (Principal Plus For Life) or IPFL (Income Plus For Life)

Notes (Jan-24) : No Changes 

Effective 3/3/14, the JH Lifestyle Funds implemented a change in investment objectives and policies approved by shareholders to implement new risk management strategies to manage portfolio volatility and limit downside risk. Shares were exchanged $ for $ into the new funds. The previous funds now carry the PS designation after the name i.e. Lifestyle Moderate PS. 

Investor Note:  Sub-Account investment strategies, which include investing in specific sectors, foreign securities (both developed and developing markets), high yield securities, or small- and medium-sized securities may increase the risk and volatility of the funds. Changes in interest rates may affect the performance of fixed income (bond) funds. The value of bonds has an inverse relationship with changes in interest rates; if rates increase, bond values decrease and vice versa. Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the mutual fund carefully before investing.

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