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Direct Mutual Funds

For investors who like to manage their own investments but would like some assistance, we offer direct investment accounts with selected mutual fund families. Nelson Securities, Inc. will help you establish a self-directed account(s), within one of our top-recommended fund families. Investors can establish Taxable Accounts (Individual, Joint Tenant, Custodial (college savings), Trust Accounts, etc.) and/or Retirement Accounts (Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, SEP-IRAs, KEOGH, Pension & Profit Sharing Plans, SIMPLE IRAs, 401(k)s, etc.). 

Understanding mutual fund share classes is very important before you invest. The following link provides information from FINRA on mutual fund share classes: FINRA Investor Alert

Your Nelson Securities, Inc. Financial Professional can advise on which mutual fund share class will best help meet your investment objectives.

The following are a list of benefits NSI self-directed investors receive:

  • Personal Assistance
    NSI will assist you establishing your account(s)
  • Model Portfolios are provided for different risk objectives and are updated as market conditions change.
  • Access to Nelson Securities' Financial Professionals 
    Investors have access to our experienced staff of Financial Professional for Free Consultation, questions and assistance. Consultation is always free. Investors pay a commission (either upfront or CDSC- Contingent Deferred Sales Charge) to invest in Broker-Dealer sold Mutual Fund investment products and vary depending on share class purchased (see FINRA Investor Alert above). Breakpoints (reduced sales charges) are available.
  • Online Account Access 
    Clients can view their prior day’s account value by logging into their account(s) held at various mutual fund companies by using our Account Access feature on our web site.
  • Monthly Investment Newsletter Support 
    The Wealth Asset Advisor, our monthly newsletter, offers direct mutual fund investors model portfolios and statistics for our recommended fund families as well as market insight, helpful investing articles and much more.

Note: Investors are responsible for making allocation changes within these accounts.

If you are interested in being contacted by Nelson Securities, Inc. regarding Direct Mutual Fund Account opportunities, please contact one of our Financial Professionals at 800-345-7593Email Us or Ask a Question. Please specify Direct Mutual Fund Accounts.