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College Planning

Rising costs of college require planning today

In today’s competitive world, a college education is invaluable. According to the 2016 College Board's Education Pays study, the 2015 average annual earnings of a bachelor's degree recipient were $24,600 or 67% more per year than those of a high school graduate.

But college can be expensive. According to the College Board, in 1999-2000 the average total annual cost for a four-year public university was $10,458 and for a four-year private university $22,533. For 2017-2018, the published average out-of-state total annual costs have risen to $36,420 and $46,950, respectively, according to the College Board's Trends in College Pricing 2017.

Getting started

Like all sound investment plans, identifying your objectives is paramount and the first step to success. Our representatives are available to help in the process and after discussing your situation, and can recommend which college funding vehicle best fits your needs. Monthly investment programs are available for easy budgeting.

Estimate college costs for your child

You can estimate college costs for your child using the Saving for College Calculator on our website! A Nelson Securities Financial Professional can run the illustrations for you as well. Call 1-800-345-7593 or send us an e-mail below---it's free of charge!

Nelson Securities can help you reach your goals

Nelson Securities, Inc. offers three college savings vehicles to help you reach your college planning goals. Each varies in tax advantages, flexibility, control, contribution limits and effects on financial aid. 

  • 529 College Savings Plans*
  • Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (formerly Education IRAs)
  • UGMA/UTMA Accounts

If you are interested in being contacted by Nelson Securities, Inc. regarding College Planning, please contact one of our Financial Professionals at 1-800-345-7593, or Email Us or Ask a Question. Please specify College Planning and the type of account(s) you are interested in.

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