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Business Retirement Plans

Providing an employer-sponsored retirement plan for your employees can be a valuable asset for a small business. Nelson Securities can help identify the retirement plan that best fits your small business. Whether you are a sole-proprietor or a corporation with 100+ employees, our value-added service, which includes a Free Investment Newsletter and allocation services, combined with consultants from leading mutual fund companies and plan providers can solve your retirement plan needs.

401(k) Plan
Profit Sharing Plan
Defined Benefit Plan
403(b) Plan

Why does your small business need a retirement plan?

  • To promote retirement savings for your and your employees
  • A tax deduction is generally available to businesses who contribute to a retirement plan
  • By establishing a retirement plan that allows pre-tax salary reduction contributions, those employees who participate will reduce their current taxable income
  • Contributions to a retirement plan and earnings can accumulate tax-deferred
  • By providing a retirement plan, you will be able to attract and retain valuable employees

Additional Tax Incentives

Currently, small business owners who establish a new eligible employer retirement plan may receive tax credits up to 50% of the qualified plan start-up cost for a period of up to three years. Tax credits are capped at $500 for each of the three tax years. For more information about this type of tax credit and whether it applies to your situation, please consult your qualified tax advisor.

If you are interested in being contacted by Nelson Securities, Inc. regarding Business Retirement Plans, please contact one of our Financial Professionals at 1-800-345-7593, Email Us or Ask a Question. Please specify Business Retirement Plans.