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401(k) Advisor - Lake Norman Gymnastics Academy

Lake Norman Gymnastics Academy 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan

Your Nelson Securities Representative is Ace Earthman

800-345-7593 Ext 135

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2023 401(K) Contribution Limits:  $22,500; If 50+, an additional $7,500 Catch-Up ($30,000 total)

*Increase of $3,000 from 2022

For Account Access and Current Fund Performance/Expenses, click the button below.

Login and select  I Want To: Check My Performance.

If you have forgotten your password you can get a new one by calling the Empower Retirement toll-free number 800-854-0647 

Empower Retirement

Model Allocations

Spring 2023

Notes (Apr-23) : Con, Mod, and Mod-Agg Models Updated this Quarter; Scheduled Rebalancing is Recommended (monthly, quarterly, or annually).

*During the conversion to the Empower Recordkeeping System in late April 2022, the MassMutual S&P 400 Index and MassMutual Russell 2000 Indexes were closed and removed from the plan. Participants with assets in those funds had their positions mapped to an age-based JPMorgan SmartRetirement Target Date Fund corresponding closest to the participant's retirement year at age 65. We will be adding Empower S&P Mid Cap 400 Index and Empower S&P  SmallCap 600 Index to the Lake Norman Gymnastics 401(k) Plan shortly to replace the removed investment options. Participants will receive a 30-day Notification prior to the change (TBA), after which participants will need to reallocate the JPM SmartRetirement Target Date Fund assets back to the new Empower MidCap 400 and Small Cap 600 Index Funds manually on the website or by calling 855-756-4738.

Model Portfolio Holdings are Investment Options we recommend you use for exposure to specific asset classes within your 401(k) plan, and are reviewed on a regular basis. See Investor Note below. Our Model Allocations are risk-based and well-diversified for your long-term investment objectives. To Check your Risk Tolerance, download and complete the Allocation Questionnaire. Our Model Allocations are Not Guaranteed, will fluctuate in value, and there is risk of loss, particularly in the short-term.  Model Allocations are only suggestions and participants are not required to follow them. All 401(k) participants are in full control of what investment options they want to invest in for their retirement future.  Email your Nelson Representative above for a Review and/or ask questions.   

Allocation Changes Highlighted in Yellow: Decrease

Allocation Changes Highlighted in Green: Increase

Model Allocation Current Holding % Highlighted in Blue

Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results

May Lose Value / No Bank Guarantee / Not FDIC or NCUA Insured

Model Asset Allocation

Check Your Risk Tolerance

Target Date Funds

Target Date Funds are the Qualified Default Investment Arrangement (QDIA) option in your 401(k) plan. Target Date Funds are diversified risk-based portfolios that will automatically reduce risk as you approach your Target Retirement  Date, assumed to be age 65. The further away from your Target Retirement Date, the more aggressive (higher stock exposure) the fund will be. And the closer to your Target Retirement Date. the more conservative (higher bond exposure) the fund will become. Target Date Funds are Not Guaranteed, will fluctuate in value, and there is risk of loss, particularly in the short-term. 

Choosing a Target Date Fund is easy: When do you plan to retire?

Year you were born + 65 = Approximate Retirement Year | Choose the Target Date Fund closest to your retirement year

Ex. Born in 1972

1972 + 65 = 2037 | JPMorgan SmartRetirement 2035 

Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results

May Lose Value / No Bank Guarantee / Not FDIC or NCUA Insured

Investor Note

Mutual fund investment strategies, which include investing in specific sectors, foreign securities (both developed and developing markets), high yield securities, or small and medium sized securities may increase the risk and volatility of the funds. Changes in interest rates may affect the performance of fixed income (bond) funds. The value of bonds have an inverse relationship with changes in interest rates; if rates increase, bond values decrease and vice versa.

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of the mutual fund carefully before investing.

The prospectus contains this and other information. A prospectus can be obtained by calling your Nelson Rep at 800-345-7593 or the toll-free number listed below. Past performance is no guarantee for future success.

No Bank Guarantee | Not FDIC or NCUA insured