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Managed Accounts - Intranet


Daily Managed Account and Benchmark Returns 
As of 3-20-23

Managed Account Returns are Net of Fees
(Maximum New WAM Account Fees: Total Return, SAB, Cap Growth, and STA 1.50%, Cap Guardian 1.00% | eSAM 1.00%)

Managed Account Performance Chart

Weekly Reports

As of:  3-17-23

Morningstar Snapshots

The WAM and eSAM Custom Benchmark and Standard Morningstar Snapshots are updated as of 12-30-22.


STA Custom | STA Standard

Capital Growth Custom | Capital Growth Standard

SAB Custom | SAB Standard

Total Return Custom | Total Return Standard

Capital Guardian Standard


Aggressive Custom | Aggressive Standard

Moderate-Aggressive Custom | Moderate-Aggressive Standard

Moderate Custom | Moderate Standard

Conservative Custom | Conservative Standard

Capital Foundation Standard

Morningstar Snapshot Guidelines:

These are Client Approved but can only be sent (mail or email) in their ENTIRETY (all 14 pages) for Compliance and are the most condensed Snapshot reports available, which include all disclosures that make them Client Approved with FINRA.


  • Representing the performance graphs and trailing returns as our own Managed Account performance
  • Taking Snips of sections or sending single pages, etc.
  • If mailing printed Snapshots, circling or highlighting sections/data

Client Discussions

  • Morningstar Snapshots are best used to discuss current Asset Allocation of our Managed Accounts, including Style Box Analysis, Country and Sector Exposure as well as Risk & Return metrics like Beta, Standard Deviation, Duration and Average Expenses
  • Best to use Average Gross Expenses when pointing out Account costs as they remove any temporary Expense Waivers funds may have in place and may not be renewed
  • Most Importantly, the Performance Graphs and Trailing Returns DO NOT Represent our Managed Account Performance and should not be represented as such

***Management Fees are NOT included and the Performance Graphs and Trailing Returns assume that the current allocation was held over the entire return periods shown and that is Not the Case with any of these reports as our accounts are actively managed and we make changes to our holdings and allocations over time.***