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Long-Term Care Insurance

Many underestimate the risk of spending time in a nursing home. Did you know 1 in 2 people will spend time in a nursing home? Will it be you or your spouse? Nursing home (or in-home care) costs can also be staggering: $40,000 or more per year, depending on where you live.

Consider the following:

Life expectancy at birth in the United States has jumped from 47 years in 1900 to 76 years today.

More than half of people age 65 and older will need some form of extended care.

Average annual nursing-home costs are edging past $40,000 nationwide and full time home care can cost even more.

One half of people who reach the age of 85 show some sign of senile dementia and or Alzheimer’s.

Comparing Insurable Risk 

Major fire damage to your house………………….1 in 88
Accident destroying your car .…………………….1 in 47
Spending time in a Nursing Home.……………….1 in 2

Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance, offered through Nelson Securities, Inc., can provide both protection for your hard-earned savings and retirement accounts and the peace of mind knowing that these unbudgeted costs can be met. Policies are tailored to meet your individual and family needs as your Nelson representative assists you with securing the right coverage with the right insurance company.

If you are interested in being contacted by Nelson Securities, Inc. regarding Long-Term Care Insurance, please contact one of our Registered Representatives at 1-800-345-7593, Set an Appointment or Request Information. Please specify Long-Term Care Insurance.